Where do sessions take place?

The Learning Shack offers in-home tutoring and test prep for your convenience. We also offer online tutoring and test-prep courses! Please call for an appointment or to register for a class or individual tutoring.


How does payment for sessions work?

Payment must be made in advance before the first session (for individual tutoring), and prior to the commencement of the first session (for test prep classes). After the initial session, we offer a variety of payment options and packages. Please call our office if you have further questions about payment policies.


What happens if I need to cancel a session or reschedule?

Twenty-Four (24) hours notice must be given for cancellations or the student will be charged for the full amount of the session. Any cancellations with sufficient time will be credited toward a subsequent session. In the unlikely event that an instructor cancels a session, he or she will make up the session at a time that is mutually convenient for both student and instructor. Please call our office if you have further questions about payment policies.

The Learning Shack offers individual tutoring to prepare students for SAT Subject Tests. Students who have taken our SAT Group Class can purchase additional tutoring at a discounted rate. New students should choose a Tutoring Package that fits their needs.


Do you have any Essay Writing Programs?

Writing is an extremely important skill for use in college and daily life and work. While we do not currently have a formal class organized for college essay writing, we do offer private tutoring for college entrance essay writing and writing skills development in general.


Do you offer any guarantees for SAT score performance?

Yes we do! Please see our Test Prep Options Page for more info.


What is a typical student like at The Learning Shack?

We work with students from a variety of schools, ability levels, and backgrounds. Most of our students are between middle school and college level. While we cater to students who have hectic, unpredictable schedules, we also find that many students prefer our cozy office to the sterile environment of other larger and less customized tutoring and test prep services. Our instructors are hand-picked to fit the variety of personalities and ability levels that we encounter.


Are instructors available outside of class? What if I need more help after a session is finished?

On the first day of class, at their discretion, teachers make their e-mail addresses and phone numbers available to students. Teachers will generally remain after a group class to answer students' questions. If students have questions about course material, course logistics and the SAT in general, they are welcome to call the main office at 949-646-6689. Students who want substantial extra help should sign up for 2 hour sessions or an additional session during the week or weekend.