My eighth-grade son was having difficulty in math and would become very nervous before taking tests. Ian was able to focus in on the areas where my son was struggling, and needed improvement. By doing so, my son’s confidence soared in a relatively short amount of time. He scored well on the SSAT and was accepted to a top-rated prep school. My son is continuing to do well academically, thanks to Ian’s assistance. I highly recommend the Learning Shack to other families!
— -Teresa M., Mother of Servite and Sage Hill Student
Thank you so much, Ian, for helping Victoria to excel in math and science. These subjects do not come easily for her, but with Erin and your help, she achieved great grades. We really appreciate your flexibility in scheduling and the quality tutors you have on staff.
— Liz K., mother of student at Stanford class of 2013
SAT and ACT Prep Orange County
Looks like Stewart is going to USC next year. Still thinks he is going to play the pro circuit! You are such a gifted tutor and glad people are still prioritizing education. Keep in touch!
— Merry H., mother of student at USC class of 2013
Thanks so much for helping me out with my essays. My teacher loved the ideas we came up with! I will see you back for my next round of essays - college applications.

—Jessie J., Swiss Private School
Ian is a great teacher. Explain the verbal part in GMAT very clearly. Ian gave me a brighter strategy of preparing the GMAT test.
— Hongchao, Irvine, CA on 8/22/16
A master at tutoring online...We live in the country, but it didn’t matter. Ian is a master at tutoring online. He has the tools, he’s knowledgeable, insightful, flexible — a great tutor. I am so glad we found him!
— Bruce, Lincoln, CA on 10/17/15
Ian is a very knowledgeable and patient tutor! Both of my kids have had several sessions with Ian, they like him. He is very patient with them, never mind to offer extra help.
Ian’s tutorial style is very organized and detailed.
— Stanley, Monterey Park, CA on 12/16/16
Hi, Terrance got his SAT score today. He got a 2280! In his writing section, he improved from 630 to 750. Thank you! See you in June. :)
— Stephanie, mother of student at University High School, class of 2017
Ian has been helping me for many years. He’s always been able to explain everything very clearly and is dedicated to making sure I understand what I need to understand.” Thanks for everything!
— Mike M., CdMHS (UCLA class of 2008)
Before I got tutoring help I hardly had a grasp on even the most basic concepts of chemistry. But after just one session, I felt a lot more confident in my understanding of these concepts. Having one on one help and being walked through the steps is definitely the way to go.
— Justin W., NHHS

"THANK YOU so much for helping josh and jack. Looks like Josh has all A's this quarter! He got a 93 on his math final and an A in the class! :) :) :) :) :)"

--Julie S., mother of HB Middle School Students (2016-19)


"I can't help but tell you one more time how much I appreciate all you have done for Kristine. There is no way she could have gotten into Boulder without your help. You are the best!"

--Carl R., father of student at CdMHS, class of 2015

Ian is awesome! My daughter was overwhelmed and he was able to get her on track and she earned A’s in all her classes! The best tutor we have ever had (and I have 4 kids...we’ve used a lot of them!). Thanks Ian!!
— Shelley O., mother of Mater Dei Students (2010-2018)


"Dude, you have no idea how key it was finding you for my Chemistry class. I went from an F to a B+ at the semester in just 3 months. You are a life-saver!"

--Nick H., Orange Coast College Student (Class 2017)

I worked with Ian about twice a week for 3-4 weeks before taking my GMAT. I needed some review on the quantitative section because most of the material I had not seen in awhile. He brought multiple sets of practice problems to each lesson based on what material I needed the most work on. With his help I received a 700 on my GMAT. I could not have done it without him and I would highly recommend him to anyone in a similar situation.
— Douglas, Newport Beach, CA on 1/26/16
Ian Y. was amazing! Ian was a perfect tutor for our son from the very beginning! He was responsive and proactive from the get-go. He made setting up appointments easy. Our son loved working with Ian and went up many points on his ACT score in only three weeks. He was fun, yet kind, positive and always encouraging. I would recommend Ian very, very highly!!
— Leslie, Newport Beach, CA on 12/27/15
Hey Ian it’s Marley, I just wanted to thank you so much for being such a friendly and inviting person and for also educating me allowing me to get a 24 on the was much higher than anything I would have received without your help. I also wanted to let you know that I recently got into Westmont College, my number one school and I also received a full ride to go there. Thanks for everything!
— Marley, Newport Harbor High School class of 2016
After a bad experience with another test-prep company, I enrolled in an individual SAT course at The Learning Shack. Within the 2 weeks I prepared before my exam, my score improved 280 points! Then I improved another 150 points when I took the test the following month! I am so excited to have my pick of where I am going to college.
— Ryan H., NHHS
Awesome tutor! Would recommend Ian to study for a test like ACT, CBEST, and etc. With Ian, I really enjoyed having him as a tutor. I focused more on the CBEST. After many trials and tribulations, I was getting frustrated about not passing the CBEST, but I got to pass the CBEST, all thanks to Ian. From the beginning when we first met, we sat down and he asked me about what he thought my strengths and weaknesses were as of why I was not passing it. He was patient and very understanding from the beginning. He showed strategies for the reading section particularly and I learned a lot from him. I cannot thank him enough. I would highly recommend him for any high school and college students, who have big test to study from, such as the ACT, CBEST, SAT, and etc.
— Jessica, Santa Ana, CA on 8/6/16
Ian and his instructors helped both of my boys improve their math grades dramatically. Then we came back for SAT prep the following year. He is so patient, professional, and easy to understand.
— Ellen W., parent CdMHS
Chemistry Tutoring Newport Beach
Hi Ian! Woo hoo! Anna got her ACT score, 30!! She’s so excited! She needs to work on math the most so stay tuned. Tnx!!
— Julie W., mother of student at CdMHS, class of 2020.