We Are Different From Other Test Prep and Tutoring Programs

Our unique method of test prep and tutoring is customized and distinct from any other available. We use an adaptive approach, designed to eliminate student challenge areas.

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Unlike other corporations which can be too rigid in their curriculum, we use a variety of different prep books published by both small and large test companies, in addition to our own custom made materials. We are constantly researching methods, and identifying new directions in testing. Because we are not a large corporation, we can remain flexible and ready to adjust to each session’s needs.

Efficient use of time means higher scores.

While other programs pride themselves on their 5-hour long, 5-day-a-week classes, we prefer a more sophisticated approach.

Like a typical college class, we meet once or twice a week for 75-90 minutes, giving students the time maintain their GPA as well. 

Let's face it, most high school students can barely focus long enough to finish watching their favorite television show, let alone  sit through an entire standardized test.  They need time to get homework and school studying completed, to keep their GPA robust come application time. Our short focused sessions help students build up endurance gradually, so that they are able to exercise the focus needed on testing day. Instead of 4 hours of group work each session, which may or may not be applicable to your student, we spend a very focused 90 minutes correcting any challenges and perfecting new strategies. Plenty of homework is assigned and then reviewed in sessions, because we believe true learning takes place independently.  We utilize strategic testing sessions as well to develop endurance without losing focus.

We Understand How To Handle Your Needs And Address Your Challenges

With years of elementary, middle and high school test prep experience and hundreds of families served, The Learning Shack has experience with all types of students, including:

  • High Achieving SAT/ACT Students: Starting > 1400/30

  • Slow Start SAT/ACT Students: Starting <1200/15

  • Time Crunch Situations

  • High Pressure Situations

  • Returning undergrads: age 30+

  • Private School and Early Prep Students (SSAT/ISEE): age 7+14

  • Students with Learning DIsabilities (ADD, ADHD, etc.)

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