We have a few package options to choose from.
·         Individual Section (Math Achievement/Quantitative Reasoning or Verbal/Reading Comprehension or Essay) = 12 hours
·         Standard ISEE or SSAT Course = 24 hours
·         Extensive ISEE or SSAT Course = 36 hours
Each course includes free moderated full length SSAT or ISEE practice tests at our center along with free correction and discussion of those tests.
All course materials are included as well.

Benefits of The Learning Shack's ISEE program:
·         Each unique section of the ISEE (Math Achievement, Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal, Reading Comprehension, and Essay) is taught by a tutor who is an expert in the given field of study, thus presenting the best possible instruction
·         The Learning Shack's ISEE program is 1-on-1 with the student.  The student receives the tutor’s undivided attention and expert guidance in preparing for one of the most important tests in a high school student’s life.
·         The course is adapted to each individual student in order to maximize his or her performance.  We realize that each student has different strengths and weaknesses and unlike with a group course where the teacher gives the same material and instruction to everyone, our course allows the tutor to focus on the individual student’s needs.
·         The scheduling of the course is created around the student’s needs.  There is no set time where the student is required to come in.  We create an personalized plan based on when the student is going to take the test and their availability.  The schedule is adaptable and changes can be made to the schedule, with notice, if conflicts occur.
·         The cost is significantly cheaper than what many of the other ISEE test prep companies charge for their 1-on-1 ISEE tutoring.  We decided that we would not charge people so much more money for tutoring simply because it is for standardized test preparation. 

  1. Compare for yourself!
    o   The Learning Shack. 1-on-1 ISEE or SSAT tutoring = $120 per hour in home!
    o   Kaplan ISEE  or SSAT group tutoring = $140 per hour
    o   Princeton Review 1-on-1 ISEE  or SSAT tutoring = $250 per hour
    o   Sylvan Learning Centers ISEE  or SSAT 1-on-1 tutoring = $126 per hour

    ·         Additional hours can be added as necessary at the standard tutoring rate. 
    ·         The course is charged on an hourly basis at our standard hourly tutoring rate.
    ·         The number of free practice tests and test corrections depends on the course chosen.

    Upcoming ISEE Test Dates:
    For those students entering 7th Grade through 12th Grade in the fall of 2017:
    ·         February 2, 2019
    ·         March 2, 2019

    ·         April 27, 2019

    ·         June 8, 2019

    ·         Check out this link to register for the SSAT or this link to register for the ISEE and or contact us here for more info

If you are interested in signing up for ISEE tutoring, or you would like to learn more, please contact us!

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