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The Learning Shack in Newport Beach, CA has expert, credentialed tutors with masters degrees, scores in the 99th percentile on exams, 10+ years teaching experience, and most importantly, a track record of consistent success. For more than 15 years we have been helping students get those 1500+ SAT and 30+ ACT scores!! Check out our Test Prep Options and Testimonials so we can help you get the results you deserve today!

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We make learning convenient for you by working with you in your home or online!  At-home tutoring is convenient, saves you time, and let's you focus on getting work done, not driving around from place to place.  The Learning Shack instructors currently serve Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Irvine, Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach, and surrounding Orange County areas.  Students  get one-on-one, personalized SAT, ACT, ISEE, SSAT, GMAT prep and academic subject tutoring, in an academic environment that will stimulate their mind and help them to focus and concentrate on schoolwork. If you have a friend or two who you'd like to work with, we have a small group option as well (3-5 students max).  Our small groups add an element of healthy competition, to inspire students to perform at their peak.  For those students who are out of the Orange County area or prefer online sessions, we do Skype and online sessions as well!  We work with students around the globe...So you can work with us and achieve your goals whether you are in Los Angeles or Hong Kong!


 Private academic tutoring is no longer seen as a last resort for struggling students. Rather, it can complement classroom instruction and in some cases is necessary given the lack of personal attention available in most school classes today. We offer most subjects and grade levels, from Elementary School through College. From SAT, SSAT and ACT Prep, chemistry and biology, writing and arithmetic, to advanced calculus, we have the perfect tutor to fit each student's personality, needs, and ability.  Check out the subjects we offer here...

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