The 5 Best Ways To Prep For The SSAT

By Ian Young

The 5 Best Ways to Prepare For ISEE Success

For students seeking admission to private middle and high schools, the ISEE test can prove a formidable obstacle. The exam seeks to assess student readiness for private school work by giving students a chance to show proficiency in broad range of topics such as math, reading comprehension, and vocabulary mastery. Students take the ISEE test that is geared toward the grade level that they will be entering in the fall. The best study plan is generally a long-term one. This way students will have a chance to assimilate strategies and practice as much as possible. Here are 5 Tips that will help you prepare for the ISEE.


Tip #1: Take Timed Practice Tests

Just like preparing for any sport or competitive activity, test preparation is about developing endurance and consistency. While students are not running laps or shooting baskets to prepare for the ISEE, taking timed practice tests to get used to the conditions they will encounter on testing day has a similar effect. By taking these tests, students will know which areas they need to work on, and will feel more comfortable taking the test when it counts.

Tip #2: Read as Much as Possible

What is the best way to get better at Reading Comprehension on a standardized test? By reading as much as possible. Reading builds an understanding of the kinds of challenging texts one will encounter in high school and college, as well as develop one's vocabulary. While any reading is helpful, it is best to avoid gossip magazines and trashy novels. Choosing classic novels, trade magazines, the business section of the newspaper, or any challenging text, will have a powerful and dramatic effect on vocabulary and comprehension.

Tip #3: Look Up Words You Don't Know

Just reading passively is not enough. The key to developing a good vocabulary, which will help students on the ISEE and other standardized test such as the SAT, is to look up unfamiliar vocabulary words as you read. Make a list of all unfamiliar words and try to create sentences using those words. This will help students associate an image or phrase with the word's meaning, making it more powerful and easier to recall.

Tip #4: Learn the Math Formulas But Be Comfortable Estimating Answers

Unlike the SAT, the ISEE does not offer a list of math formulas at the beginning of the math sections of the exam. Therefore, it is important to drill math formulas such as special triangles, area and perimeter, and statistical formulas. Don't just memorize the formulas though. Be sure to use common sense and estimate answers where you can to avoid long computations. This will save you time during the test.

Tip #5: Don’t Save Your Studying until the Last Minute

Finally, the most important bit of advice is not to wait to prepare until the last minute. Begin studying several months before the ISEE so there is time to get familiar with the test. Just like an athlete, you don't want to go into the game unprepared and uncertain.

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